Get Green Hosting!

Your easy guide to finding zero-emission web hosting.

The web is the most powerful communications medium ever created - but web servers often run on fossil fuels. This guide will help you find web hosting that runs entirely on renewable energy, lowering your carbon footprint.

This guide does not list providers that offset their carbon emissions. Instead, only hosts that directly use 100% renewable sources are listed.


20i (UK & US)

20i is a UK-based web hosting company that runs on 100% renewable energy:

We’ve partnered with renewable energy suppliers to ensure that our web hosting, cooling and network is powered by 100% renewable energy. This is the case in both the UK and US data centers.

[...] Our headquarters are in Ransom Wood, in Nottinghamshire, UK. The office complex is powered by 2,088 solar panels, which offset thousands of tons of carbon each year.

IONOS (Europe & US)

IONOS (formerly 1 & 1) is a German web host that runs on renewable energy in both Europe and the US:

In the US, our proprietary data center runs completely on wind power. While in Europe, 100% of the electricity used in our data centers comes from renewable sources. Priority is given to local and regional suppliers.

[...] Our proprietary data centers in North America and Europe run on 100% renewable electricity. In the few instances where we use non-renewable energy sources (like diesel generators for backup power), our carbon is offset.

Kualo (UK & US)

Kualo is 100% powered by renewable energy in both the US and UK:

We use renewable energy for 100% of our U.S. operations, as certified by Green-e, North America’s leading voluntary certification program for renewable energy. We have additionally been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a Green Power Partner. Our renewable energy is sourced through Native Energy, one of the few genuinely high-integrity businesses in the sector. Their projects go beyond simply generating renewable energy, but moreover, deliver social benefits for the communities in which those projects are located, including schools, family owned farms and Native American tribes.

In the UK, our datacenter runs on 100% green-sourced power as specified by E.ON (the Supplier) and as regulated by Ofgem. E.ON are one of the leading renewable generators in the UK with over 20 on-shore and off-shore wind farms, including the London Array, the world's largest off-shore wind farm with a capacity of 630MW.


1984 (Iceland)

From its website:

The 1984 Hosting Company was established in 2006 by a couple of Free Software and civil rights enthusiasts. We have since grown to become Iceland's biggest web hosting company by far. Our goal is to offer high quality web hosting and VPS services at a competitive price, always respecting and protecting the civil and political rights of our customers. We only use green energy from renewable, sustainable sources and we always choose free software.

Data Center Light (Switzerland)

Data Center Light is a Swiss company that offers web hosting powered by 100% renewable energy:

Not every data center has an in-house hydropower plant, but we do. Data Center Light runs with 99.9%* hydropower. Few meters away from where our servers are running, the hydropower plant is generating electricity in the basement. We assure you that our electricity is made of 100% renewable energy.

* 0.1 % of electricity comes from solar power.

Greenhost (Netherlands)

Greenhost offers web hosting 100% powered using local windmills in its Amsterdam datacenter only. It also is focused on sustainability in lots of other ways :

Sustainability is a fundamental pillar of who we are.

On a global scale, the Internet and the ICT sector are responsible for high levels of energy waste and environmental pollution. We are part of that industry, but we want to take responsibility and do what we can to lower our negative impact. This starts with hosting, as this takes up most of our energy consumption.

Hetzner (Germany)

Hetzner offers web hosting powered by 100% renewable energy:

Taking responsibility for the environment means there is an increasing need to obtain energy from renewable sources. Hetzner Online uses energy from renewable sources to power the servers in its data centers.

In our German data center parks, we at Hetzner Online use hydropower. Our environmental partner is Energiedienst AG, a TÜV certified company that generates green energy from 100 percent carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly hydropower.

In Data Center Park Helsinki in Finland, Hetzner employs wind and hydropower for all of its energy uses. Our power provider is the Finnish energy company Oomi Oy.

Windcloud (Germany)

Its website is in German. In translation, it states:

We supply our data center with 100% physically green electricity, mostly from wind energy. In addition, we refine the waste heat from our servers directly on site in an algae farm. Our powerful cloud and colocation services are CO2-free, highly available and GDPR compliant.

[...] With Windcloud, we have created a sustainable alternative to conventional data center operations. We supply our high-performance data centers directly with local renewable energy. In addition, we use the waste heat from our servers for other industries - CO2-free and economical at the same time.

20i (UK & US)

See above.

IONOS (Europe & US)

See above.

Kualo (US & UK)

See above.


At the time of writing I was unable to find any web hosts in Africa that directly use 100% renewable energy. I'd love to be corrected: if you know of any, please email me at!


At the time of writing I was unable to find any web hosts in Asia that directly use 100% renewable energy. I'd love to be corrected: if you know of any, please email me at!


At the time of writing I was unable to find any web hosts in Oceania that I could confirm directly use 100% renewable energy. I'd love to be corrected: if you know of any, please email me at!

About Get Green Hosting

What about carbon offsets?

I've chosen to focus on hosts that use 100% renewable energy, rather than those that offset their carbon emissions. This is because I believe that the best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to reduce your fossil fuel energy consumption directly.

Hosts that reduce their footprint through carbon offsets include Green Geeks, DreamHost, A2 Hosting, Fat Cow, and HostGator. I will not link to hosts from this page until they confirm that they directly use 100% renewable energy.

Is there anything else that would cause a host not to be listed here?

I have chosen to not list hosts that are known to provide support for white supremacist or other hate groups.

Do you recommend the hosts listed here?

These listings are informational and do not constitute recommendations. I have not used all of the hosts listed here.

How do I get my web host listed here?

Email me at with a link to your web host as well as a link to a public statement about your sustainable energy use. Only hosts that use 100% renewable energy will be considered for listing.

Can I pay to be listed?

Absolutely not. Additionally, this website does not use affiliate links.